About Claire

I graduated from the University of Central England in Birmingham in 1989, having gained the prestigious Royal Society of Arts’ Young Designer into Industry Award. I then worked for a number of years as a freelance knitwear designer, selling my work to top, international designers across the fashion capitals of the world.  Meanwhile, I started designing scarves for friends and family. They proved to be very popular so I decided to develop a limited edition, handmade collection.

All the scarves in my collections are made using the finest yarns available, including the softest extra fine merino from Italy and beautiful hand painted yarns from Wales.

When designing, I take inspiration from a diverse range of sources; from the unpredictable world of animal markings to the rigid structures of manmade repeat forms. Sometimes, the yarn will play a role in dictating how the final piece should evolve and other times the finishing processes I use push the designs in exciting and unpredictable directions.

I regularly exhibit with the Northants Guild of Designer and Craftsmen and some of my designs are sold through galleries within the East Midlands area. From time to time we also have an open day at Barton Hall where you can come and see me at work!

For more information on this or any other questions about my designs, please feel free to drop me an e-mail.