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Machine Knitted Lace using hand tooling- check out how my new eBook on hand tooling lace is going

May 31, 2020

Hello all machine knitters! Well, I am well on the way to to getting my very first eBook on hand tooled lace out there. It has certainly taken longer than I expected it would to put together. I actually have quite a lot of design content for just one book so I think there is… Read more »

NEW machine Knitted 24st repeat designs featuring 70’s floral patterns

Here at the Claire Newberry Knitting School we are very excited to tell you about our brand new 24 stitch pattern repeat designs based on 70’s floral designs. These patterns are great for any project be it a cushion, accessories, or funky 70’s style cardigan for a truly retro look. The designs have been configured… Read more »

Sharon’s Cowl

November 5, 2019

Drum roll please……tah dah! Sharon’s Cowl pattern is live on Revelry to buy. The cowl is merino & baby alpaca so it’s really snuggly to wear for the long winter nights. The design features a large horse shoe cowl with garter stitch strips which are intertwined with the cable to add a different look &… Read more »

Sharon’s Cowl

Drum roll please……..tah dah it’s the Sharon’s Cowl, it’s live! Take a look on Revelry for Sharon’s Cowl. My first published pattern

A New Home for Knitting School!

October 30, 2019

Hello everyone We have a new home for knitting school! We are so delighted to be able to expand our Knitting School premises & offer a lovely environment for you to learn or hone your machine knitting skills in. We have a lovely large, open, airy sunny studio now for you all to come &… Read more »

Denver Knitting Shop Mirage

June 26, 2012

Hi all, Just came back from a great day out in Denver. Totally unexpectedly stumbled upon a fabulous little knitting shop in Denver library! I know, how weird is that a knitting shop in a library!! If only Northamptom library did the same, how many budding new knitwear designers there would be?! So what was… Read more »

Nottingham Trent University

April 3, 2012

I was recently up in Nottingham meeting Fashion Marketing students to discuss my eco knitwear brand. The students are working on a live project with myself & another designer. I was very impressed with their enthusiasm for my product & how much they were interested in me as a designer. All of the students are going… Read more »

Creative knitting school, eco knitwear design, freelance knitwear design update

April 2, 2012

The website is really starting to come together now with lots to think about & do. My good friend Jo of is whipping the whole thing into shape with some lovely design ideas & teaching me all about website design & technical stuff (a very hard task for anyone when you are a textile person,… Read more »

Creative Machine Knitting School has been hailed a great success

March 24, 2012

Hello all, Well, the creative knitting school has been hailed a great success! Courses are filling up fast so take a look at my website to see when the next dates are. The courses a run on a rolling calendar so don’t worry if you are unlucky this time, all courses will be repeated… Read more »

Knitting School. Creative machine knitting courses & information

January 12, 2012

Well, here’s the first blog for my Knitting School! Watch out for the website which will be live soon. In the mean time, look here for all the information regarding workshop dates & times. Here’s a brief outline of what the courses will be about:- Creative design: machine knitting workshops Here at ‘Knitting School’… Read more »

See my knitwear designs on line at Moschino & River Island

December 15, 2011

Well I have had a great week seeing my design on line in Moschino look under women’s knitwear, scroll down to row 6. The design I sold is the first on the left look at the image above-does it look familiar? It’s now blue ground with red black & cream circles across the chest instead… Read more »

Off to Nottingham to discuss eco yarns & other knitty things

December 6, 2011

I’m off to sit in a meeting with some very important people in recycling & eco knitwear specialists tomorrow! It’s fantastic that I am able to be in the same room as these influencial people for a few hours! I have really been looking forward this meeting for a while. I can show them all… Read more »

Lovely time in London

November 29, 2011

Phew! Just back from teaching yesterday & today. Had a fabulous time as always but now feel thoroughly exhausted. Friday & Saturday was spent on & around Brick Lane & Spittlefields market in London. I stumbled upon a shop called Junky Styling- see image below, check out their website . Men’s tailored jackets are cut… Read more »

November 24, 2011

Just about keeping my eyes open today after waking up early to write down some of my ideas before I drifted off into slumber again. The ideas just kept coming! Before I knew it I had a whole page full of ideas for more eco home products. My ideas seemed to be based around my… Read more »

New flyer with dates for your diary

November 17, 2011


creative machine knitting courses. Flyer & dates for you diary

Here’s the latest flyer for the Creative machine knitting courses starting in January ’12.Hope you like, contact me if you need any information

To do list: good or bad?

Picture:Eco Shetland wool yarn garment which can be worn in several different ways, look out for this on my new website which will be coming soon! Press release done-check Photos taken-check Phew I can have a little rest! But not for long, I need to start again taking more images of my work to show… Read more »

creative machine knitting courses

November 11, 2011

New creative machine knitting courses starting soon, New courses for beginners- all knitting machines & equipment & lunch will be provided. Learn in a friendly atmosphere in my studio with small or one to one groups. Courses start January 11 2012 Claire Newberry is a very experienced knitwear designer & lecturer with many years working… Read more »