Denver Knitting Shop Mirage

Hi all,
Just came back from a great day out in Denver.
Totally unexpectedly stumbled upon a fabulous little knitting shop in Denver library! I know, how weird is that a knitting shop in a library!! If only Northamptom library did the same, how many budding new knitwear designers there would be?!
So what was I doing in Denver library anyway? I hear you ask. Well, We are over here staying with a friend who has very kindly put us up whilst we are on hols. We have already seen some great places here & the terrain is fabulous with great scenery everywhere you turn. We decided to visit Denver as we were told it was great for food (as it was our 20th anniversary, we thought it would be great to go for a celebratory meal-which it was). The down side was that it was 102degrees which is too hot to even contemplate designing knitwear in let alone touching the woolly stuff. anyway, we dived into the library after visiting one of the parks, just to get cool (thankfully all buildings here have air con in them). After sitting practically on top of the cool air vent for 30minutes, we decided to wonder & that’s when we discovered skeins & balls of delightfully colourful wool, cotton, mohair et al!! I beautiful knitting oasis tucked away in the middle of the blood boiling searing heat of Denver.
Apparently there are more knitting shops too, but we decided one knitting shop was enough & it was now time to eat. Oh well, maybe another time!
We also stumbled upon some guerrilla crochet on one of the streets that was being resurfaced, check it out. A lovely splash of unexpected colour as we walked along. This isn’t all, apparently the huge blue bear in front of the Denver Conference Centre has also sacrum to some guerrilla knitting- he recently was wearing huge knitted leg warmers which had mysteriously appeared on him one night. How did this happen? who is responsible???…. very strange!
Check out  Madame Defarge Knitting Salon holds freestyle knitting workshops every week.

Happy knitting all!