Lovely time in London

Just back from teaching yesterday & today. Had a fabulous time as always but now feel thoroughly exhausted.

Friday & Saturday was spent on & around Brick Lane & Spittlefields market in London. I stumbled upon a shop called Junky Styling- see image below, check out their website . Men’s tailored jackets are cut up into new women’s garments including corsets (which I had to have), lined in tie fabric & revere jacket collars, which are detachable & can be worn in several different ways, wrapping around the body. Other garments include cuffs & shirt collars made into exquisite accessories. All pieces are unique & cannot be replicated exactly, ensuring no one else will be seen in the same outfit.
I got talking to one of the partners & designers (Kerry Seager) who explained how the pieces came to be. Garments are altered & reconstructed from their original garment shape but elements from it’s past life are clearly visible giving a truly innovative & unique item for your wardrobe which will stay in your -‘something different’ draw for many years to come. A lovely story to tell when friends ask you about you fabulous outfit you’re wearing. I can’t wait to wear mine to one of my Christmas dos!

‘Til next time.
Claire x.

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